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Every year, every living species faces a fresh set of problems. Environmental pollution in the form of smog is currently a major problem. Air pollution is likely to be one component of a larger issue. Because it may impact human health in so many ways, it’s only natural that it affects other animals as well. Air borne pollutants affect all types of life, even insects. The presence of pesticides in the beekeeping environment is generally recognized to be one of the most important concerns that affects the honeybee’s existence. Now, environmental pollution in form of ‘smog’ can be added to the list of stressors. Polluted environment has negative consequences not just for humans, but also for honeybees, who survive significantly less in such contaminated air and live a handicapped existence in which they are unable to visit the flowers as frequently as they would if the air were cleaner. Furthermore, heavy metal concentration factors for honey appear to be greater in polluted areas than in unpolluted areas. These metals presence in plant flowers is linked to their presence in associated honey and by-products. In our environments, bees play a crucial role as pollinators. Pollution is hurting the health of pollinating insects, which means ecosystems are also being impacted. There are some gaps in our knowledge about environmental pollution and honeybee keeping sector in India.


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