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Aims and Scope

Aims & Scope

Journal of Industrial Pollution Control publishes in detail on complex issues of industrial pollution control while broadly focusing on areas including wastewater treatment processes, characterization, monitoring and treatment studies on industrial effluent, air pollution control, environmental toxicology, environmental legislation, Recycle and reuse of wastewater, bioremediation, climate change and occupational health.

Journal of Industrial Pollution Control is a peer-reviewed journal known for the rapid publication of innovative research covering all aspects of pollutions that may result in due to industrial production, delivery and consumption including soil, water, and air and the measures need to be taken to minimize its effects on the humanity in general and the planet Earth in particular.

This journal with highest impact factor meets the author’s needs by maximizing article visibility as it is indexed in prestigious databases.

Journal of Industrial Pollution Control journal is accredited with National Academy of Agricultural sciences, NAAS, India.

Journal of Industrial Pollution Control journal also features in Uhlrich International Periodical Directory, U.K., Gale Directory, U.K. and SAARC directory of periodicals.




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