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A comparative study on the chromium removal Efficiency of flyash and commercial activated carbon


A study on the removal of Cr (VI) by adsorption on flyash and commercial activated carbon (CAC) was attempted. In order to understand the adsorption behavior and adsorption potential of flyash and CAC, batch type experiments were conducted on adsorbent- adsorbate system with different concentration of chromium (10-50 mg/L) for 6 hours. The metal removal efficiency of 21% was achieved with interminttent hand shaking condition with flyash as an adsorbent. The results were compared with activated carbon (CAC). The adsorption data followed the Freundlich model. The adsorption plots gave identical slope values indicating similar type of adsorption mechanism were involved for the removal by both adsorbents.

M. Vasanthy, M. Sangeetha and R. Kalaiselvi

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