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Adsorbable Organic Halide (AOX) Level AND their reduction by Chemical Treatment of Bleach Plant Effluent of Agro and Wood Based Pulp and Paper Mills


During bleaching of pulp for making paper, a lot of effluents are generated which contain different type of chloro organic compounds collectively known as Adsorbable Organic Halide (AOX). AOX is known as toxic chemical and it must be treated before release in the water stream. Bleach plant effluent from Agro based pulp and paper mills releases high amount of AOX compounds as compared to the wood based mills. Results shows that Extraction -stage bleach effluent are significant of AOX compounds as compared to other stage effluent. The adoption of new technologies like extended and oxygen delignification, ECF & TCF bleaching involves huge capital investment as most of these process and equipments are of imported origin. The treatment of segregated bleach plant effluents with combination of chemical (Lime, Alum & Polymer) is the suitable to reduce the AOX by about 50-60% and ultimately reduces the toxicity of effluent.

Akash Pandey, S. Panwar, N.A. Siddiqui AND Nitin Endlay

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