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The wastewater generated from textile industries of Bhilwara city is studied for its characterization. Wastewater of textile industry was found to contains a high degree of pollutants with high TDS and suspended solids. The wastewater is highly colored and viscous due to dyestuff and suspended solids respectively. Sodium is only major cation due to high consumption of sodium salts in processing units. Chloride is major anion found in the wastewater but concentration of bicarbonate, sulphate and nitrate are also high (>100 mg/L). Sodium salts of these anions are most commonly used in the process. In heavy metal chromium is in higher concentration while other heavy metals iron, zinc, lead, copper and manganese are also present. The wastewater also have high BOD and COD indication its polluting nature.

J. Hussain, I. Hussain and M. Arif

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