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Comparative Study of Removal of Cr(VI) with PAC, GAC and Adsorbent Prepared from Tobacco stems


there are numerous sources of industrial effluents leading to chromium enrichment of the aquatic environment. It is reported that industries, like electroplating and other metal finishing and inks, paints, pigments, leather tanning, textile etc., are the major contributors of chromium to wastewater. Various methods are available for removal of hexavalent chromium from the effluents. Most of these methods need high capital cost and recurring expenses. Adsorption is suitable method for the treatment of chromium bearing wastewatyer. An attempt has been made to work out for a natural and cheaper alternative based on surface adsorption for treatment of industrial effluent containing Cr (VI). The extent of removal was found to be dependent on adsorbent dosage, contact time and initial concentration of the solution.

K.N. sheth and viral m. soni

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