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Cost Benefit Analysis And Its Environmental Impact in Mining


The importance of environment in our daily life is well known. It adversely affects not only human lives but also to the coming generation. The environment has mainly two important components. First is physical and second is socio-economic component. Mining is the most hazardous activity to the environment which affects the human beings, land, air, water regime, climatic condition, ecology, aesthetic etc. On the other hand, one can’t stop mining because there is numerous benefits to our society. Hence, this activity if properly designed by applying various environmental techniques and following the legislation can reduce this danger up to a great extent. However, this involves time as well as money. The cost benefit analysis is a basic tool to understand the mining and environment phenomenon, it provide suitable development and stability in term of economy in . The cost benefit analysis is widely used in many technological fields. The present paper mainly deals with the methodology of cost benefit analysis which is dependent on the types of project.

Rajesh Rai and T.N.Singh

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