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The discovery of bio potentials in human body, influenced to invent numerous Bio Medical equipments. Many such equipments where modeled and implemented for treatment & curing various malfunctions of the organs. One such bio medical equipment is Functional Electric Muscle Stimulator (FES). This FES is mostly used for persons who are affected by stroke and spinal cord injury. Medical Personnel and Bio-medical Engineers around the world developed various Stimulators, where the stimulating currents are Faradic or surge or Galvanic types. Continuous Exposure of these types of current causes skin burns, increases static field etc. To overcome these disadvantages, the FES here produces a Biphasic Stimulating current which cures the defect at cell level itself. LabVIEW incorporated in FES to generate Biphasic electric current and stimulate the paralyzed muscles. The LabVIEW software is programmed for various operating frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 100 Hz and also for various pulse width ranges 100 μS to 500 μS. A Pair of Carbonized EMG electrode is used to give transcutaneous electric current and stimulate the paralyzed Muscles. While another set of EMG Electrodes are used to pick up the EMG signals, at a time interval of 5 minutes after stimulation, which are in the frequency range of 20 Hz. The EMG signal produced from the Muscles is actually the potentional difference between the recording Electrodes. Many Manufacturers develop their own recording software. Here Bio –Feedback signal (EMG) is recorded in PC using, a standard software, LabVIEW. The Picked-up EMG signals from the muscles are fed in to one of the channels the DAQ devices. The DAQ device, DAQmx 9233, removes the artifact from the Biofeedback signal and sends it to the PC for analyzing the EMG signals with the help of LabVIEW software, to find the cure percent of paralyzed muscles.


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