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Distribution and behaviour of boron and fluoride in Rushikulya estuary (South coast of Orissa)


Chlorinity varied from 1.063 to 14.486% in the estuarine water. The chlorinity showed positive correlation with boron and fluoride, which indicated similar source origin of the elements to the estuary. Boron and fluoride varied from 0.122 to 0.198 g/L and from 0.25 to 0.99 g/L respectively. The B/Cl and F/Cl ratio showed variation from 0.0640 to 0.1288 and from 0.0683 to 0.2446 respectively. The elements (boron and fluoride) to chlorinity ratio showed maximum value during monsoon, whereas minimum during summer. The more fresh water influx into the estuary during monsoon is responsible for higher values of B/Cl and F/Cl. Boron showed non conservative behavior during monsoon, postmonsoon and winter, whereas semi conservative behavior during premonsoon and winter. There were net removals of boron and fluoride during the study period. The PA/PR of born was positively correlated with chlorinity, whereas the correlation between chlorinity and PA/PR of fluoride did not show any significant value.

Tapan Rani Mahapatro and S.N. padhy

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