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The current work is to provide an overview of the agricultural wastes– biomass wastes, such as corn stalks, straw, nutshells, and forestry residues applications in different industries to sustain the environment. Literature showed that millions-Ton update estimates potential supplies of agricultural crop residues and wastes. The largest quantities of agricultural residues and wastes are from the major commodity crops. In the past years (on yearly average) there was approximately a million ton of primary dry crop residues that can be utilized, and sometimes make a profit by collecting them at farm gate with feedstock prices of 60 and 50 US Dollars per dry ton. The literature showed also many applications of biomass wastes which are considered as renewable and safe source for many industries such as manufacturing cementitious bricks by direct use or by direct incineration to produce energy, and by using the ash results from the combustion in the concrete matrix, producing energy and power through direct combustion or by producing bio fuel that can be utilized later, using in the water and waste water treatment as adsorbent, fertilizers, animal feed stocks, and extracting industrial chemicals for huge and important application like corrosion inhibitors.


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