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This work, aimed at studying treatment of waste water from leather industries to determine the removal and reducing of pollutants by using nanomaterials. Tannery waste water was treated with photocatalysis process involved titanium dioxide, zinc sulphide, cadminum sulphide in core shell nanocomposite materials. The synthesized nanomaterials were characterization with XRD, TEM, SEM, EDX and FTIR. All the results show that these materials were in nanomaterials range. XRD pattern for titanium dioxide and composite material were 30 nm and 3.3 nm respectively. TEM images of titanium dioxide and composite material particles size were 20 nm and 5 nm respectively. The SEM images of titanium dioxide and composite material particles size were 100 nm for all them. The SEM image of nanocomposite material indicated that its core shell material. The EDX and FTIR of the materials show the purification of these materials. The tannery processes generated high polluted wastewater, when the pH, turbidity, COD, TDS, chromium, sulphide, chloride and sulphate were found 7, 13900 ntu, 10155 ppm, 462 ppm, 28950 ppm, 412 ppm, 6471.5 ppm and 5995 ppm respectively, which exceeds the existing Sudanese standards. The best removal efficiency of tannery waste water with photocatalysis method at pH 7 and 3 h, which removed 99.8%, 82.7%, 57.1%, 99.9% and 88.3% from Turbidity, COD, TDS, Chromium and Sulphide respectively. photocatalysis was not removed chloride and sulphate from tannery waste water.


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