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1Department of Environmental science, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India

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Population expansion and industrialization necessitate the extraction and processing of vast amounts of natural resources in order to generate products that are required for different infrastructures that are the backbones of daily living. As a result, a variety of new industries emerge. Chemical manufacturing sectors have over 70,000 products made from raw resources including water, metals, minerals, air, oil, and natural gas.

The dawn of industrialization corresponded with the emergence of heavy chemical production, which produces enormous quantities of chemicals. So that pollution-prevention strategies may be used to all prospective and actual polluting activities, such as those found in the energy, agricultural, government, users, and industrial sectors. Wetlands, groundwater supplies, and other vital ecosystems are all in need of protection strategies, and we want to halt contamination before it begins.

Significance of Pollution Prevention

Pollution abatement is a method of reducing, eliminating, or preventing pollution at its source. It is also known as “source reduction,” and it is a waste management strategy that emphasises prevention over treatment. Pollution levels are low, which implies there are little risks to human health and the environment. Pollution prevention in the agricultural industry includes reducing the consumption of water and chemical feed, as well as protecting sensitive regions. Pollution avoidance in the energy industry comprises the use of environmentally acceptable fuel sources and increased energy efficiency. We fix leaking faucets and hoses in schools and homes; naturally switch off lights when not in use; utilise eco-friendly water bottles instead of throw-away; making the switch to “green” cleaners. Application of water and energy management methods; use of eco-friendly or less hazardous chemicals like floor cleaners, oil removers, and other maintenance chemicals; pollution management and prevention in the industrial sector Improve a manufacturing process to reduce waste; Rather than throwing away things like barrels and pallets, recycle them. Other techniques, such as improving equipment or technological systems, are also required in this procedure. Include integrated resource.

Replace raw materials according to the Environmental Protection Act of 1986, which was authorised by the central government to preserve and promote environmental planning into the project planning system. Controlling and reducing pollution from all sources, as well as prohibiting or restricting the establishment and/or operation of any industrial advantage on the environment. Both the financial and the environmental expenses are reduced as a result of this approach. Garbage collection, disposal, and clean-up, as well as environmental expenses (health issue and environmental problem).

Pollution prevention benefits the environment by preserving and conserving natural resources while also boosting economic growth by allowing industry to produce more efficiently and reducing the need for homes, companies, and communities to deal with pollutants. Environmental protection is one of our most important responsibilities and a natural method of being responsible for ourselves and future generations. There are a few things we may do to lessen the impact of our consuming habits. There should be restrictions on the usage of fossil fuels. The use of unconventional energy sources should be encouraged at their location. To protect and other greenhouse gases must be strictly regulated. our ecosystem from the threat of global warming, CO2 and other greenhouse gases must be strictly regulated.

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