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Air Pollution From Steel Industry’s


 Air-polluting emissions from steelmaking furnaces include metal oxides, smoke, fumes, and dusts to make up the visible aerosol plume. They may also include gases, both organic and inorganic. If steel scrap is melted, the charge may contain appreciable amounts of oil, grease, and other combustibles that further add to the organic gas and smoke loadings. If the ore used has appreciable fluoride concentrations, the emission of both gaseous and particulate fluorides can be a serious problem. Emissions from foundry cupolas are relatively small but still significant, in some areas. An uncontrolled 2-m cupola can be expected to emit up to 50kg of dust, fumes, smoke, and oil vapor per hour. Carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, and organic gases may also be expected. Control is possible, but the cost of the control may be prohibitive for the small foundry which only has one or two heats per week. Steel-making is commonly associated with coke ovens. Coke is coal that has undergone pyrolysis i.e. heated up to 1000–1400°C.


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