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Assessment of Soil Quality near a Cement Industry


Industrialization and urbanization is reducing the cultivable land at a faster rate. at one side there is a growing demand of crops and vegetables for growing population , which require more land available for the cultivation , on the other side , the same population requires land for making homes, schools and industries to fulfill their other requirements. Man has already realized the adverse use of fertilizers to get more and more crops from the same land. In India after so much cry about the industrial pollution, industries were pushed back to rural areas to avoid the pollution problems to the congested urban population. Industries shifted in the rural areas emitting all types of pollution deteriorating the surrounding environment. Soil quality is also degrading because of pollution from air and water discharge, even farmers starts complaining about the reduction in crops yield because of poor quality of soil. In this paper an attempt has been made to identify the impact of Cement Industry on the surrounding environment mainly on the soil quality. This study is a part of a comparative EIA report, so importance of using the high efficiency ESP’s and other control equipment to avoid or reduce the pollution is also studied.

N.A. Siddiqui , A. Kumar , R.T.Selvan and Akbar Ziauddin

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