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Assessment on The Defluoridation Using Novel Activated Carbon Synthesized from Tea Waste: Batch, Statistical Optimization and Mathematical Modeling


This present study is highlighted on defluoridation onto activated carbon prepared from tea waste (ACTW). Tea waste (TW) is cheap, easily available and waste materials. In this present study, activated carbon was prepared from tea waste in a high temperature tubular reactor and activated by chemical activation using dilute H2SO4. This experiment was performed to investigate the interaction of process parameters using response surface methodology (RSM). The two level three factor (23) central composite design (CCD) with the help of design expert software was applied to optimize process parameters. The higher correlation coefficient (R2) value of 0.9952 indicates the well-fitted to response surface quadratic model. The optimum removal efficiency of activated carbon for fluoride adsorption is 99.59% at optimum condition. The Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption isotherm were used to explain adsorption between the liquid and solid phases in batch studies. The mechanism of sorption process was described by calculating Gibbs free energy, enthalpy and entropy from thermodynamic studies.

Swapnila Roy * and Papita Das

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