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Bioaccumulation of Xenobiotics Compound of Pesticides in Riverine System and Its Control Technique: A Critical Review


The intensive use of pesticides resulted in dispersal and persistence of pollutants throughout the global environment. Pesticides contamination in river fish, sediments and water ecosystem has become one of the most sensational issues due to their deleterious effect on public health and environment. In natural habitat, certain microbes are capable of metabolizing those persistent compounds or detoxify them which could be employed for bio-remediation. The direct use of different control technique of pesticides, like chemical, biological, mechanical, trapping, cultural and sanitation etc., such microorganisms are capable of degrading xenobiotics is also becoming a popular approach to safeguard the environment. The review paper focused on riverine ecosystem contamination and their control technique of the impacts and focus of the organocholorine pesticides in fish tissues

Pradip Kumar Maurya and D.S. Malik

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