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Solid wastes encompass industrial wastes, agro wastes, municipal wastes, hospital wastes and domestic wastes. Rapid industrisilation and urbanization has resulted in the generation of large quantity of solid wastes. All high yielding crops require the application of enormous quantity of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which has created a serious problem in the ecosystem. Now a days, earthworms has been widely used in the breaking down of this wide range of organic residues including sewage, animal waste, crop residues and industrial refuse in producing vermicompost in the name of Vermiculture technology. This epigeic species called Eudrilus eugeniae is an African species mostly utilized for the solid waste management and vermicompost production due to its high pollutant tolerance. Vermiculture technology is one of the important bioremediation technique for sewage treatment. In the present study the N, P and K, organic carbon and the worm population increased significantly on the 60th day when compared to 30th and initial day.

B. Dhanalakshmi

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