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Characterization of DNA-Protein complexes induced by Cr (VI) in liver tissue of rats


Chromium (VI) compounds have been found to produce carcinogenic and toxic effects in animals. In rats, chromium (VI) caused more damage in liver after an i.p. administration of K2CrO4. The liver tissue accumulated with K2CrO4 and make to protein bound to DNA, nuclear protein complexes were formed in liver after treated with K2CrO4. DNA crosslinks were found in nuclei isolated from the liver of rats treated with K2CrO4. Liver nuclei contained Protein associated DNA single strand breaks in addition to DNA-Protein cross links (DPCs) complexes isolated from both the control and K2CrO4 treated cells were analyzed by gel electrophoresis. The band appeared after treatment of potassium chromate indicates that 65 kDa acidic proteins crosslinked to DNA. The agarose gel electrophoresis shown the presence of average size of DNA was approximately 24000 to 750 base pairs as compared with standard marker. Chromium (VI) has been classified as an initiator of carcinogenesis on the basis of its genetic toxicity.

G. Renuga , Deepak panjwani , A. Babu and K. R. Arumugam

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