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Contanimation of chromium is considered a serious environmental pollutant due to wide industrilization. The chromium concentration in plants 0.006 to 18 ppm and soil ranging from 10 to 50 ppm depending on parent material. Accourding to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) < 0.1 ppm concentration of chromium in drinking water is permissible on the basis of health considerations. Toxicity of Cr to plants depends on its valence state Cr (VI) is highly toxic & mobile, where as Cr (III) is less toxic. Cr (VI) is present as either dichromate (Cr2O7 2-) in acidic environments or as chromate (CrO4 2-) in alkaline environments. Charomium toxicity affects the plant dry matter yield as well as some physiological processes such as photosynthesis, mineral nutrition etc. Remediation of soils contaminated with Cr using biorimediation, cheletion and remediation by reduction tecniques appears to have great potential for clean up of Cr - Contaminated soils and water. INTRODUCTION

Risikesh Thakur, G.D. Sharma, B.S. Dwivedi and S.K. Khatik

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