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Decolourisation of Dyes and its Mixture by Providencia Sp. Vnb7 Isolated from Textile Effluent Treatment Plant


To address coloured textile effluent treatment problems, eco-friendly method demands versatile microorganism exhibiting repertoire of attributes. This study focuses on isolating bacteria from textile effluent having standalone potential to decolorize and degrade efficiently mixture of dyes. The isolate named Providencia sp. VNB7 isolated, identified and evaluated for decolourisation of 11 structurally different dyes and mixture of 10 of them (DM10). The decolourisation of 500ppm DM10 achieved was 79% after 12 h and 95% after 24 h of incubation. The optimum condition for decolourisation of DM10 with isolate Providencia sp VNB7 were viz. static/anoxic incubation, pH 7, 35°C temperature, 1.5% (w/v) NaCl and 150 ppm DM10 concentration. The degradation of DM10 and Malachite green was monitored using UV-visible spectroscopy. The induction of laccase, lignin peroxidases, tyrosinases (oxidative) and azo reductase (reductive) enzyme activities in presence of DM10 confirmed degradation of dyes. Hence, we suggest isolate Providencia sp. VNB7 to be promising contender for decolourisation of coloured textile effluent.

Niranjan Prakashrao Patil , Jumma Shaikh , B.P. Kapadnis and V.B. Gaikwad

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