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Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions Survey of Underground Mine In Indonesia


Ambient air pollutant concentration measurement in underground mining is the first step in identifying environmental-health hazards and risk to the miners; that may result from exploitation of underground mining. Poor air quality in underground mining are generally caused by lack of air ventilation and the sources of contaminants. The objectives of this study were to characterize exposure to diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEE) from deep ore zone (DOZ) underground mining facilities, and to obtain spatial air quality for estimating miner’s exposure to from DEE pollutant including CO from gaseous product of combustion (POC) and DPM. Design of this research is an observational research with a cross sectional design. Data of air pollution were measured by using OSHA analytical method number ID-209 and NIOSH method number ID-6014 and 5040. Details of mining activities and vehicles characteristics among workers control system were recorded in relation to mining activities. Kriging method used to obtain quantitative information on workplace exposure to CO and DPM. The results that show that the concentration of CO will be in the highest range in value of 6.38 ppm to 7.92 ppm, while the concentration exceeding the permissible exposure limit (PEL) for DPM will range in value 643.26 μg/m3 to 618.23 μg/m3. From these results, concluded that the concentration mapping can be used to evaluate exposure-response relationships.

Arif Susanto , Purwanto Purwanto, Henna R Sunoko and Onny Setiani

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