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Distribution of Temperature Field in Plasma Flow of High Frequency Unipolar Torch Plasmatron


The phenomena that cause the experimentally recorded by the dispersed phase temperature distribution in the high-frequency torch (RF) discharge are discussed in this article. The results of calculation of the weight average temperature of the argon-graphite plasma, obtained by solving Elenbaas-Heller equation for the plasma column of cylindrical shape, with varying frequency and voltage on high-voltage electrode were given. Calculation of the temperature of the dispersed phase based on mathematical modeling of the data was conducted. The difference between the plasma gas temperature and the dispersed phase temperature was condensed shown. Assessment of energy losses, leading to an increase in the temperature of the soot during its condensation and reduction of the plasma column temperature was shown. It has been shown that, given the heat loss in argon plasma-graphite is possible to estimate the plasma temperature via temperature of dispersed particles.  

V.F. Myshkin *, V.A. Khan , M. Tichy , E.V. Bespala, O.A. Kolosova And T.V. Kobanova

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