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Effect Of Reinforcement Of Natural Residue (Quarry Dust) To Enhance The Properties Of Aluminium Metal


Metal matrix composites (MMCs) have superior mechanical strength and wear resistance as compared to base alloy. Aluminium matrix reinforced with low density discontinuous particulate composites has good potential in automobile and aerospace applications. The main challenge is to produce the light weight composite in a cost effective way to achieve the greater properties. In the present study, aluminium( A356) alloy is reinforced with quarry dust (QD) particulates using modified stir casting and the effect of quarry dust on the composites are investigated. Aluminium metal matrix composites (AMCs) have been successfully produced with different weight percentages (0, 5, 7.5 and 10) of quarry dust. Macrohardness and ultimate tensile strength of the composites have improved with the addition of reinforced particulates in the base matrix alloy. Dry sliding wear behavior of AMCs is examined with the help of a pin on disc wear testing machine. It is found that the addition of quarry dust reinforcements increases the wear resistance of the composites. Optical and SEM images revealed the homogeneous distribution of reinforcement particles in the composites.

M. Ramesh , T. Karthikeyan  and A. Kumaravel

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