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Syngas Fueled Chemical Looping Combustion (Clc) Power Plant - Exergy Analysis


The continuous increase in the demand for quality power necessitates the operation of power plants in most energy efficient manner. This requires exergy analysis in addition to the energy analysis for any plant. In this study, a 50 MW syngas fuelled power plant with chemical looping combustion (CLC) implementation, where a conventional combustion chamber is replaced by a two reactor setup-fuel reactor followed by air reactor, is considered. An exergy analysis by means of exergy efficiency and exergy destruction efficiency for different units in this plant is presented. The analysis concludes that any developments/changes to be carried out in the plant to improve the overall thermal efficiency of the plant have to be directed towards the fuel reactor as the exergy destruction efficiency of the fuel reactor is found to be more among all other units. This study employs an Aspen Plus model to investigate the effect of air mass flow rates on the thermal efficiency

A.Yerrayya, P.V. Suresh

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