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Feasibility Study of Creating Additional Experimental Channels for Silicon Doping in Irt-T Reactor


 This paper describes results of exploring the possibilities of creating additional experimental channels for irradiation of silicon in IRT-T reactor. Alternative ways of location of additional experimental channels in horizontal and vertical orientation are shown. Results of research show that new irradiation facility for NTD can be created instead of exist channel HEC-1. In this case characteristics of irradiation ability is few worse that same parameter in HEC-4. Furthermore, possibility of creating new experimental volume consist of tank with heavy water and vertical channel in empty space of the reactor pool. Calculation results show practicability of installation of new irradiation facilities because theoretical parameters of irradiation area are acceptable for NTD-technology. A. Naymushin *, Yu. Chertkov, I. Lebedev And V. Boyko

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