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Heavy metal Pollution of Godvari river due to industrial effluents from M.I.D.C. Nanded, Maharashtra India.


The study deals with Godavari river water pollution at Nanded due to M.I.D.C. effluents disposal in Godavari river without any treatment. Many textile, Dairy, Fertilizer, tin and drug industries are located in M.I.D.C. area and they are generating large amount of eflluents. Water was analysed from three sampling stations for various physico-chemical parameters. All parameters except DO are in higher concentration, most of them are above the permissible limits and are responsible for Godavari river water pollution. Due to presence of heavy metal like iron in water, the water is not fit for drinking. Free iron is toxic because it can chemically catalyse the oxidation of lipids and other biomolecules. It often tastes unpalatable due to presence of precipitated ferric hydroxide.

J. U. Deshmukh, E. Ambore AND J. S. Pulle

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