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Impact Assessment of Indoor Air Pollution Due to Suspended Particulate Matter in Indian Kitchens


Most people spend a large of their time indoors, which makes indoor spaces important microenvironments when addressing risks from air pollution. Most of a person’s daily exposure to many air pollutants comes through inhalation of indoor air, both because of the amount of time spent indoors and because of the higher pollution levels indoors. The air quality inside buildings is affected by many factors. Indoor concentrations of air pollutants are influenced by outdoor levels, indoor sources, the rate of exchange between indoor and outdoor air, and the characteristics and furnishings of buildings. Indoor concentrations of air pollutants are subject to geographical, seasonal and diurnal variations. In Indian context, housewives, elderly people and children are more susceptible to indoor air pollution as they remain in house for most of the time. The health effects of particulates are strongly linked to particle size. Small particles, such as those from fossil fuel combustion, are likely to be most dangerous, because they can be inhaled deeply into the lungs, settling in areas where the body’s natural clearance mechanisms can’t remove them. The constituents in small particulates also tend to be more chemically active and may be acidic as well and therefore more damaging. A study of 60 kitchens was conducted in typical Indian kitchens at Kota to assess the impacts of suspended particulate matter. This study shows that above 70% of housewiveswere found to be complaining one kind of symptoms or the other. This is owing to the exposure in high SPM concentration in environment.

Anil K. Mathur , Rajesh Mathur and A.N. Patel

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