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The present study was conducted in and around crushing and quarrying areas of Tumkur district for monitoring the level of pollution on leaf surface and its subsequent response for chlorophyll content. Respirable particulate matter have become potential pollutants during quarrying and crushing operation such as crushing, screening and in loading and transportation. The dust and other Respirable particulate matter (RPM) cover the leaf surface and clog the stomata. This completely covers not only the photosynthetic surface but also interferes with the exchange of gases and reduces the transpiration rate. The study indicates that the chlorophyll concentration differed significantly with the control in most cases. Species of Oryza sativa, Capsicum frutescens, Cyamopsis tetragonolba and Citrus sinensis showed marked reduction in chlorophyll concentration. In almost all the cases there occurred more reduction in Chl “b” than Chl “a”. Species of Casuarina and Cassia accounted for having least amount of chlorophyll. However some species showed no difference in pigment concentration over control, as observed in species of Mangifera indica, Lycopersicon esculentum growing around manual type of quarries without crushers.

H. Babitha Rani and N. Shadakshara swamy

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