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Influence of Repetitively Pulsed Negative Bias Parameters on Macroparticle Surface Density


The results of an experimental study of the influence of a substrate negative bias with various pulse widths and pulse repetition rates ranging from several Hz to 105 Hz on the macroparticle (MP) accumulation on substrate immersed in a DC titanium vacuum arc plasma are presented. It was found that the rate of MP deposition on the substrate surface depends significantly on the bias pulse parameters and the processing time. The influence of the multiple recharging of MPs in the plasma and the sheath on the reflection of these MPs in a sheath electric field is discussed.       A.I. Ryabchikov*, D.O. Sivin, A.I. Bumagina, A.E. Shevelev, I.A. Shulepov And P.S. Ananin

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