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Interrelationships Amongst Pollutants and Their Predictions in Shimla City: India


The paper studies the existing interrelationships among the major pollutants prevalent in Shimla and then to future prediction of ambient concentrations of Shimla. The measurement data has been obtained from Himachal Pradesh pollution control Board (HPPCB). The monitored data obtained is analyzed using the MATLAB software to construct a first, second and third degrees of polynomial equation to best fit the data. Interrelationships amongst the pollutant over the study period were determined using scatter plots and linear regression techniques. It is observed that a better fit of the monitoring data can be obtained by gradually representing the monitored data by line segments over monthly intervals from November to February, March to June and July to October months. A multiple regression technique was utilized to predict each pollutant in specifications to other two pollutants.

Rajiv Ganguly and Satyarth

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