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The important issue of improving the effectiveness of installation and dismantling work in mining gently-sloping coal beds of big thickness, has been constantly increasing in relevance for many years due to the overall complication of the mining conditions. The paper describes the findings of reviewing the experience of installation and dismantling work in Russia’s mines, specifying the advantages and disadvantages of the main technologies of forming dismantle chambers. Such technologies include ahead sinking of an advance dismantle mine working and forming a chamber directly by means of the mining face. The paper demonstrates that in the practice of installation and dismantling work, long downtime periods of a longwall set of equipment might occur. Downtime periods of mining equipment which last up to several dozens of days, cause a substantial economic loss to a company. The main cause of the dismantle time increase is an unstable state of the roofing rocks above the dismantle chamber. Roofing weakening and the loss of its stability when the longwall set of equipment is installed into the dismantle working, occurs as a result of the protracted impact of the approaching longwall support pressure, with the longwall speed decreasing while approaching the dismantle spot, due to a number of the reasons of geotechnical nature. The authors of the paper suggest the mode of forming a dismantle chamber where roofing rocks above the future dismantle spot are preliminary extracted, and a man-made filling mass is constructed in their place, with specified parameters and characteristics. As a result of implementing the set of measures and engineering solutions, the man-made roofing in a dismantle chamber enables to hold and control this roofing more effectively, compared to natural roofing. This, in turn, enhances the work effectiveness and the safety of mine workers when conducting dismantle work.


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