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Noise Pollution in Stone Quarrying Industry –A case study in Bangalore District, Karnataka, India


Noise pollution is any unwanted sound, which is unpleasant and objectionable to human health. Noise in the stone quarrying industry is regarded as a major annoyance and may lead to hearing loss and perhaps even cause adverse physiological and psychological effect. The consequences are significantly by way of a higher rate of accidents, general ill health and in industry possess occupational health hazards and decrease in productivity. It can interfere with communication, disturb sleep, lack of concentration, irritability and reduced efficiency. It is said that continues exposure to high noise levels causes headache, increase in blood pressure, nervous breakdown and finally leading to hearing loss and deafness. Though a substantial work has been carried out on the noise pollution aspect it still appears to be one of the relatively neglected areas of investigation in the field of stone quarry. Hence this paper is an attempt to evaluate the effect of noise on the working environment and to suggest possible control measures to minimize the effect in the study area.

D. Paramesha naik, ushamalini and R. k. somashekar

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