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Overview of Impulse Fire-Extinguishing System Applications


A new generation of automatic fire-extinguishing systems to beat out the flames at the spaceship launch area is proposed. The modernization consists of adding supplementary equipment to the existing automatic fire-extinguishing systems used at the launch pad via the addition of multi-barrel modules (MMs) that enable volley dispersion of the extinguishing media. The parallel executive system consisting of several MMs situated around the launch area at distances ranging from 50 m to 200 m can also be created. This modernization of the fire-extinguishing systems can quickly, effectively, and fully protect launch complex structures from high-powered rocket engine flame jets. This modernized approach can also provide effective light radiation and heat protection and can prolong the life duration of the expensive start facilities. The validity of the proposed project is confirmed by the results of the final successful tests of the modern MBMs ensemble situated around the goal in a semi-circular, which concentrated their volleys on the isolated local but powerful flame.

V.D. Zakhmatov , M.V. Silnikov And M.V. Chernyshov

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