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Preparation and Characterisation of Activated Carbon from Delonix Regia Seeds for the Removal Of Methylene Blue Dye


In the present work, activated carbon (AC) have been prepared from Delonix regia seeds by chemical activation with H2SO4 and has been evaluated for the removal of methylene blue dye by varying pH, contact time, concentration of adsorbate, adsorbent dosage and temperature. The prepared AC was characterised using SEM, FTIR and BET analysis. Scanning electron microscopy images showed a high pore development, with BET surface 259.2714 m2/g and pore size 26.428 Å. Fouriertransform infrared spectroscopy allowed characterizing the presence of functional groups on the surface of activated carbons. From the optimised conditions, 90% removal of methylene blue dye could be achieved in 300 min with an adsorbent dosage of 0.3 g. The adsorption isotherm, kinetic and thermodynamic parameters was analysed using MATLAB software. The adsorption process followed Freundlich isotherm model with maximum monolayer adsorption capacity of 59.38 mg/g and the nature of adsorption was found to be chemisorption. The kinetic parameter model for the adsorption of methylene blue on to activated carbon (AC) from Delonix regia followed pseudo second order kinetics with correlation coefficients of higher than 0.99. The adsorption capacity of this seed can be utilized for the treatment of strongly polluted industrial waste waters containing dye. Jr. of Industrial Pollution Control 32(2)(2016) pp 572-579 Research *Corresponding

G.A. Rajalekshmi, T.S.A. Mrithaa, S.A. Viji Chandran and M.A. Pandimadevi

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