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Statistical Optimisation Of Defluoridation Using Novel Activated Carbon And Cellulose From Sugarcane Bagasse:Batch Isotherm And Kinetics Study


Cellulose is the naturally occurring biomass material which has low density, thermal stability, bio compatibility. Sugarcane Bagasse (SCB) fibre waste is a renewable material which is effective raw material for production of the Cellulose. This present work is focused on comparative batch study on defluoridation by utilizing cellulose and activated carbon (AC) from SCB and to investigate the optimal process conditions using Cellulose and AC by Response Surface Methodology. Batch adsorption isotherm and reaction kinetics were also investigated applying two adsorbents in this present work. Both the adsorbents are well fitted to Langmuir model of isotherm rather than Freundlic model of isotherm, also well fitted to Pseudo second order reaction. In this study, it is demonstrated that regeneration percentage of activated carbon from SCB in 5 adsorption-desorption cycles are respectively 99.92%, 96.46%, 90.13%, 82.01%, and 72.53%. Hence, it can be used as effective adsorbent compared to cellulose for remarkable defluoridation efficiency from waste water

Swapnila Roy, Papita Das

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