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This paper research and experimental investigation carried out on hybrid fiber reinforced concrete (combination of hooked end steel fiber and polyolefin) with a volume fraction of 0.5%, 1% and 1.5% which was prepared using normal mixing, compaction and curing conditions. Here the cylindrical specimen with a diameter of 150 mm and height of 300 mm was casted. The experiment shows the modulus elasticity of samples increase with the amount of steel fibers in the concrete mix. Steel fiber and polyolefin fiber are used as Hybrid fibers. Tested were conducted to study the effect of steel fiber and polyolefin fiber in different proportions in hardened concrete. The research was also aimed to evaluate the potential of bottom ash as a fine aggregate in concrete. Fiber addition was seen to enhance an increase in compressive strength and ductility, respectively. The fine aggregate is replaced by 10% of bottom ash. Compressive strength of concrete is checked by compressive testing machine and compressive properties of cylinder samples were studied by using two point bending tests method. As results it shows that, the percentage of hybrid fibers gives better performance as compared to conventional concrete. The fine aggregate is replaced by 10% of bottom ash. Result shows the percentage of hybrid fiber which shows the maximum performance of the concrete. Addition of hybrid fibers generally contributed towards the energy absorbing and increases the strength value. The modulus of elasticity of concrete is a very important parameter reflecting the ability of concrete to deform elastically.


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