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The Influence Of Magnetic Field On The Electrodialysis, Ion Exchange And Electrolysis In A Mixture Of Isotopes


It is shown that a constant magnetic field of 1.1 Tesla has a significant impact on the electrodialysis, ion exchange and electrolysis processes. It was established experimentally that the breakthrough time of ions of Na+ via ion exchange on a column of ion exchanger KU-2 increases by 14.5% in a constant external magnetic field and the maximum current flow through the three-compartment electrodialysis cell containing ion exchangers membranes MK-40 and MA-40, increased by 9%. An external constant magnetic field suppresses the rate of gas production at the cathode in the electrolysis of aqueous NaCl.

V.F. Myshkin , V.A. Khan , V.G. Plekhanov , S.H. Khabibulin  And V.N. Lensky 

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