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Treatability Study Of Chemical Defluoridation Technique By Boric Acid: Batch Analysis And Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology


This study is highlighted on evaluation of the feasibility of chemical de-fluoridation technique using boric acid. The remediation of fluoride containing solution was performed using boric acid in acidic medium. Batch continuous process was carried out using four process parameters such as dosage of boric acid (g), volume of acid (ml), reaction time (min) and reaction temperature (K). Central composite design (CCD) with the help of design expert software is applied to study the interactions of different process variables responsible for fluoride removal. Desirability function was achieved using numerical optimization which was further used to identify the optimum conditions. A confirmatory experiment was performed to evaluate the accuracy of the optimized procedure. By statistical approach, the optimized condition was achieved such as dose of boric acid 3 g/L; volume of phosphoric acid 12 ml; temperature 333 K; contact time 55 minutes. Under the optimized condition, fluoride removal efficiency was obtained as 97.3% and experimentally in batch process it is obtained as 97.8%. So, it can be concluded that boric acid can be chemically used for de-fluoridation study in waste water as it is economically and environmentally safe.

Swapnila Roy And Papita Das

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