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The conventional aerobic and physicochemical treatment processes adopted for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater in the developed countries have sparse chances of success in developing countries due to high energy requirements, operation and maintenance costs, and constraints in stable maintenance. Thus, it has become imperative to resort to simpler alternative technologies which are natural, less mechanized and simpler in operation and maintenance. Vermiculture appears to be an innovative sustainable technology for waste treatment which holds a promising future in the field of wastewater management. Presently it is being used successfully for solid waste management. The concept of using earthworms for waste processing is not a new one. Nature has been effectively doing this since millions of years. However, the concept of harnessing this natural earthworm ecosystem for treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is a relatively new one. Vermiculture means culturing of earthworms and it involves harnessing an entire ecosystem consisting of earthworms, beneficial bacteria and plant root zone for treatment of wastes. Vermicomposting is one of eco-friendly process. The vermicomposting in urban areas and municipalities also plays a vital role. In the villages farmers are maintaining vermicomposting beds, out of these only 60% of the beds are maintained well and are producing good results. The remaining 40%are just for record purpose only. The objective of this paper is to promote the adoption of this method and how the NOGs and government organizations are extending their help to promote this method. Some of the organizations like Peace, Jana Jagruti Samiti (JJS), Medvin, Satyam are implementing the vermicomposting process. Government is extending help to the farmers or individuals with financial and technical support.

Gade Venkatesham and K.S.S.S.N. Reddy

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