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India is a vast country with an average of 700 pulp and paper mills. It is one of the highest polluting industries in India and is highly water intensive. Relatively large wastewater discharges and accompanied release of high pollution load into the environment is the sequel of high water consumption and pollution generation in the process of pulp and paper manufacture. Steps are been taken to preserve the resources, especially water which is an integral part of the pulp and paper industrial functioning. The need of cleaner production programs has been felt in recent times by the paper industry by way of a resource and waste minimization concept. In India efforts have been going on for years to improve house keeping, optimize process parameters, increase recycles and adopt improved technology. This paper aims at highlighting the process used during manufacture, sources and types of waste generated and treatment options available for improving the quality of waste to be discharged.

Aatika Saadia AND Ahmad Ashfaq

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